Mission Statement

To develop Intellectual Property (IP) in the environmental sustainability technology arena.



Working innovative technology, to develop processes, materials and products towards zero carbon and zero waste systems.



Bring to market new and emerging technologies, whether through technology transfer or exploiting market potential of previous patents or research.



Work effectively and strategically  in partnership with a range of operators and stakeholders to bring useful technology quickly to market.



To connect stakeholders in different sectors in order to accelerate the adoption of these new, eco-innovative and appropriate technologies.

“Circular Economy”

An economic philosophy where materials are re-processed in total, to make either new products or re-supply existing product lines with equivalent source materials.


Society has drastically overused many resources and now we are creating massive amounts of pollution whilst draining our available resources.

The time has come for an advanced approach to soil management and using sustainable products that will benefit across the entire growing spectrum.

What’s Going On?

The goals of industry and government are to achieve a 100 percent use of soil materials and adopt more efficient techniques for use of existing materials.


Bringing IP-protected  technology to the world to assure that we supply “best-of-breed’ pioneer offerings for our clients.


Offering IP Licensing of core  hardware technology by application. 


Process IP Licensing for Vertical sectors: 

Farming - Soil Ameliorator Rescaype