Geographical Information Systems are commonly used across industry and by governments worldwide.

GIS brings mathematical accuracy to visual reference and sensible query opportunity through database integration.

Our founder has worked with ESRI since 1998, being a pioneer of 360-degree image integration into ARCVIEW.

Immersive Imagery

Using 360-degree imagery with GIS one can make intuitive interfaces of large areas for  client guidance and staff  training. Below is an example of Vancouver INDY CAR racing event using 3d model overlays for pre-visualisation of advertising. Produced  for Imperial Tobacco.

Apps are the  most popular and efficient way to easily communicate your message to both clients and staff.

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Custom Apps can take complex data and Imagery from GIS  and present it for public and or client access points. This visual navigation with overlay data makes it easy to understand the  environment in question. Below is an example of a shopping mall Virtual Guide.


Using Deep Learning one can implement a series of advanced analysis of complex asset relationships. We have foundations in smart software dating back to the 1990's.

We are supporters of innovative imaging and analysis technologies.

We support the efforts of ONE SOIL  who use AI as a starting place for AI in field  boundary ID and crop analysis.

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