SOLUTIONS - Preservation

Food Preservation


A new, low energy dehydration process is available.

Our advanced process involves the exclusive use of a newly developed, advanced  Edible Film Coating, this coating seals all vital nutritional values of food whilst allowing moisture to escape.


Our special system prevents the build up of fungus  spores, moulds and prevents bacteria growth.  No heat or chemicals involved to generate beautiful nutritious powders for use in pet and human food. 


Products made from our Powders and Flakes are the highest value nutritionally available in the marketplace today. Our system effectively takes fish bi-product, vegetables and fruit and makes use of what was previously considered waste.


This process brings a paradigm shift in the world of  food processing generating the highest nutritional quality food powders. resulting in reduced transportation costs and long shelf life.


URESL is planning to bring the process to the UK  for a verification program in early 2017.

We will be working with apples first then moving into other products such as potato and fish.

If you would like to work with us as an operating partner supplier or distributor or have interest to buy our new line of products let us know: