Food prices set to increase over next 2 years and beyond...

There is a shift upwards in the prices of food, the initial trigger has been BREXIT and the resulting currency fluctuations in world trading have cost the British taxpayer an average 18% loss.

This has resulted in some panic by the commercial food retailers as wholesale food market costs rise and so then do the products. With the UK relying on 65% imports for its food consumption, this concern is a start of a trend that is unfortunately not set to be reversed.

Food costs will continue to rise for other established reasons, a growing population, instability in global weather patterns resulting in poor long term forecast in quantity and quality of yields. International conflict and population movements towards urban centres brings greater transportation requirements and increase in refrigeration needs, a self propagating carbon increase.

If we add that a temperature rise is forecasted and if that rise is a small amount of say 0.5 degrees then that could be enough to tip the scale on average temperatures to critically impact the soy production of South America and the grain productions in Russia and USA let alone the indigenous vegetables and fruits of UK and Europe. Dr Tim Benton of Leeds University UK has researched this temperature impact along with food consumption patterns and it is not a pretty story for the future unless we begin to see some definitive changes.

So i believe that realistically all should be prepared to see rises in costs of food especially at supermarkets. If you can support local growers that is your best option and if you can grow just a little food at home then you are clearly making an impact on carbon reduction and food sustainability.

This should alert corporate food producers and governments to pay more attention to utilising 100% of the foods processed for the human food chain. The recent Exhibition Conference; FOOD MATTERS LIVE 2016 seemed to show that there are efforts underway by several independents but that the big companies themselves are seemingly slow to accept a future of changed attitudes and the elimination the word "waste" for by-product allowing us to start to make lovely nutritious foods for the human ingredients food chain. We need to see distinctive new investment opportunities in different patterns, based on produce values that when scaled up become cash and food positive for society.

This does preclude that we can get the people, the consumers, to accept the sensibility of new dehydrated foods and from that begin a positive path forward towards global reduction in malnutrition and starvation and food at relative costs.

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